Unibuddy: Connecting and talking with current students (2024)

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Current students share their thoughts on planning for university, student life and what it’s like to study at the University of Surrey.

There are a lot of questions to be answered when it comes to going to university; naturally, we all know the basic ones like “What do I want to study?” and “Where do I want to go?” but as you go through your options, other questions often crop up. Things like “What’s the nightlife like?”, “Is the accommodation nice to live in?”, “How easy is it to find part-time work?”…. these are just as important, as the answers to these could alter your opinions on each university. In general, universities will always try to help answer these questions but at the end of the day, talking to an actual student about their actual experiences is always best! And that’s where Unibuddy comes in!

Unibuddy: Connecting and talking with current students (2)

Unibuddy is a platform integrated into our university website which allows prospective students (or people wanting to know more about Surrey) to talk directly to current students about student life and their true experiences of university. Rather than comparing prospectuses and websites, and not always finding the answers you want, Unibuddy allows you to have a conversation with students across all years, degrees, and faculties and ask (almost) anything you want!

Here at the University of Surrey, we have 10 Student Ambassadors from across our community ready to answer your questions; from a postgraduate Food Science and Nutrition student to an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering SW student (that’s me!). We encompass all the faculties and main subject areas, have ambassadors from across the world, and have experienced the life of a student first hand. Whether it’s wanting to check our entry requirements for a course, or wanting to know where the nearest good bar is in town, we are more than happy to help!

To talk to us, search for “University of Surrey Chat to Our Students” or go directly to our website which will bring you to the page below:

Unibuddy: Connecting and talking with current students (3)

Straight away you will see the full list of the ambassadors on hand to answer your questions along with a bit about them (this will include where they come from, their previous qualification and a short paragraph about themselves). Your first step will be to sign up with the tab at the top which will give you a login and password – this means you can check back to see the responses you’ve got in the Inbox tab and ask further questions at a later date. Then it’s time to choose someone to talk to! Either read through a couple of our profiles, or try our “Match me with an ambassador” feature to find the best person to talk to. From there, it’s as simple as clicking “Chat with ….” and sending your first message!

Unibuddy: Connecting and talking with current students (4)

Sincethe scheme started in March 2020, we’ve answered more than 13,000 questionssent to us and, as a Unibuddy ambassador myself, I’ve helped answer quite a fewof those too! Therefore, here are just a few things to remember when asking usquestions:

  • Unibuddy isn’t an instant messaging service and most of us are also full-time students, so though you might not get a reply within the first 2 minutes, we always aim to answer it within a 24-hour window (most often you’ll receive a reply within a couple of hours)
  • All conversation must take place within Unibuddy, and we can’t hand out any personal information about ourselves (like phone numbers or social media profiles) nor accept them from you!
  • If we don’t know the answer ourselves, we will often point you in the right direction in getting a suitable answer so don’t worry if you think your question may be too specific for one of us, we’d still be more than happy to help
  • You can find us through UCAS too!

Unibuddy is a great platform to talk to our current students and ask all those questions you’re not sure where to find the answers to, and to ask what student life is really like! Hopefully, this post has been useful in introducing you to this platform and, from all the student ambassadors, we’re waiting on stand by to answer your questions!

Chat to our Students using Unibuddy!

Posted on
January 21, 2021
Posted by
James Harvey
Posted in

postgraduate, prospective student, student life, support, talk to our students, undergraduate, Unibuddy, your questions answered

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Unibuddy: Connecting and talking with current students (2024)


How do I chat on Unibuddy? ›

Navigate to your University's Unibuddy widget. Their widget may be located in a Chat with our Students section of the University's website and will display all of the students and staff available to chat with you.

How does Unibuddy work? ›

The platform allows prospective and current students to connect with student ambassadors and alumni from the same or similar courses, providing a peer-to-peer support network enabling prospective students to learn about life at a particular university, including course information, accommodation, and student life.

Who is the CEO of Unibuddy? ›

Diego Fanara is the co-founder and CEO of Unibuddy.

How to make an account on Unibuddy? ›

How do I join Unibuddy? Get registered to our platform to start experiencing the benefits of engaging the student community. If your university is not yet using Unibuddy, you can make an inquiry by sending an email to: contact@unibuddy.co, and one of our team members will get in touch.

Is Unibuddy free? ›

Our online platform, Unibuddy, is a free and easy way to allow you to message our friendly student Unibuddy ambassadors to ask any questions you might have and start a conversation.

Is Unibuddy paid? ›

A number of universities choose to pay Unibuddy ambassadors on an annual scholarship or honorarium programme.

Who founded Unibuddy? ›

This is the story of Unibuddy so far as told by the founders, Diego Fanara, CEO, and Kimeshan Naidoo, CTO.

What are Unibuddy core values? ›

We employ empathy, a growth mindset and collaboration to arrive at a better solution. Our superpower is problem solving. And, we love to celebrate when we find a better way forward – because making progress day by day ultimately fuels our mission.

What is Unibuddy mission? ›

Our mission is to empower students to make the right decision when selecting their university, and ultimately give them the best chance of success across the duration of their studies.

Can you delete a Unibuddy account? ›

Once you've logged in, select the Settings tab. Scroll down and select the Edit buttons next to each field. Make your desired edits, then click Save. The Delete Account option is found at the bottom of the page.

Can I open another student account? ›

Most accounts only let first-years open them, but a few let you switch later on. Most banks only let first-year students apply for their current accounts, and some even put a time limit on when you can do that. But a few banks do let you switch existing student accounts during your studies.

Do I need to open a student account? ›

It's not compulsory to open a student account – it's your choice. Not opening one will not affect your university place.

How do I talk to Uni Flatmates? ›

Try and introduce yourself to your new flatmates if you can, but be aware that they may not want to talk immediately, and it might take a few hours (or even a few days) to actually sit down with them and get to know them.

How do you chat on Classkick? ›

At the top of your assignment on the right, there is a hand icon. Click on the hand. You can then type your message at the bottom where it says, "Type message here..." or by clicking on the blue CHAT WITH TEACHER button.


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